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The world is swelling with distractions. We are always on the move, searching. Searching for something. In most cases food. Just like the ancient hunter-gatherers. ‘Gathered By’ is a concept established on the basis of bringing people together, sharing ideas, and grow our movement. 




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By uniting chefs and restaurants worldwide, we want to take cross-cultural collaborations to the next level through food. We strongly believe that together, we are more creative, innovative, and impactful. Our passion for food and a sustainable future is what binds us together.



We are a new wave of modern food-nomads, living in temporary settlements, collecting wild plants, without permanent leaders. Instead; the gatherer takes initiative depending on the task at hand. We are grouped together based on our membership, a joint platform. 



‘Gathered By’ is an ever-expanding community, and we encourage any potential collaborator to get in touch: